Tree Trimming

According to an article on the City of San Antonio’s web site, a properly pruned large pecan or oak tree may have a value of $10,000 to $23,000.  With that type of investment, it pays to be careful with how a tree is pruned.  If you would care to see the tree trimming article, it can be found here. An improperly pruned tree can greatly reduce its value and even cause tree death. People sometimes grossly overestimate how tolerant a tree will be of pruning.   A trained arborist is the best choice for tree trimming. Tree trimming that maintains the health of the tree while serving the objectives of the owner is the ideal situation.

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Tree Trimming a Pecan Tree

Tree Trimming a Pecan Tree at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

Tree Pruning is Done for Many Reasons.

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Tree Trimming and Brush Pick Up

The City of San Antonio provides brush pick up twice a year to help homeowners remove dead limbs from their yards.  About a week before the brush pick up is scheduled, area residents who are solid waste ratepayers with the City of San Antonio will receive information on when to put their brush out.  The limbs must be in a neat pile that does not exceed about six feet by 12 feet and is not taller than about 3 feet.  This valuable service sometimes attracts door to door laborers with chain saws offering cheap tree trimming.  As with any service professional, it is always advised to check their credentials.  Valuable trees are ruined everyday by unskilled pruning.

Tree Pruning and Power Lines

If you have a tree near a power line, please read this article before you cut any limbs. Trees and Power Lines.   The Texas Public Utilities Commission says every year Texans are killed trying to trim trees near power lines.

Tree Trimming and Local Ordinances

Tree Trimming

Identifying Trees to Receive Tree Care and Tree Trimming. Pictured: Shane Kelly.

In Texas, quite a few cities of all different sizes have enacted ordinances dealing with tree preservation, the planting of nuisance,  tree pruning and such. The City of San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Leon Valley, and  the City of Schertz are among some of the cities that have regulations about trees.

  1. The City of Leon Valley has some very detailed requirements for tree trimming and they can be found under Section 14.0.501 (j)(4) to their landscaping ordinance. The spirit of the ordinance is preserve existing trees and add to the tree population while allowing reasonable development of the land. The ordinance recognizes that trees must be pruned when they interfere with the ability of driver’s to see traffic signs, or damage gutters, corrupt sidewalks with their roots,  interfere with the demolition of a building, or utility lines.
  2. The City of Schertz has a landscaping ordinance and the spirit of that ordinance is to ensure a pleasant visual environment is maintained throughout the city.
  3. The City of San Antonio has an ordinance that focuses on tree preservation and adequate canopy coverage within environmentally sensitive areas.  Like many municipalities in Texas, preventing the spread of oak wilt is important.  All wounds to the trunk, limbs and root system of oak trees in the city that expose sapwood should be painted with asphaltic or exterior oil or latex based paint within a half hour of the tree being pruned.  The ordinance also notes that firewood from oak wilt infected trees should not be transported into San Antonio at any time.

Cost of Tree Trimming

There are so many variables that influence cost, including the location of tree in relationship to the truck and height of the tree to permits and dump fees, fuel to location and experience of labor. Tree trimming can run as little as $250 to more than 1,000 for large tree.  A typical price range for several men and equipment on a job site for three quarters to a full day may be $1100 to $1200.   If a major storm hits area, costs may be higher because of paying overtime to workers, and distances to dump the tree limbs may be longer due to overcrowded conditions at nearby dumps.

Ready to Get Started?

If you would like your trees trimmed, here is a link to a free tree estimate.  Our goal is to provide you with a competitive estimate and a level of comfort as to our knowledge and abilities.  Don’t hesitate to ask about our insurance or to see our arborist license.  Your comfort level and satisfaction means everything. We aim for a five star review at the end of each job.