Tree Removal

Tree removal of a sick or dead tree is one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs that Canopy Tree Service undertakes.  We are very proud of our safety record.  We have been taking hazardous trees down for over 17 years and our safety procedures predict success.  One of the reasons tree removal  is dangerous is that the tree may look strong from a distance, but in reality could be so weak that a climb into the tree for inspection purposes may trigger sudden tree failure.  Man and tree could come crashing down.  Or even if the tree itself remains upright, a large limb could break off and injure or kill those below.

Overzealous pruning, insects, Texas storms, and extreme cold can cause a tree to become weakened and die.  Some trees are very hardy and the die off occurs over a long period of time and after awhile the owner looses track of the passage of time.  One day, the winds pick up across San Antonio and, boom,  there goes the tree … hopefully not not on the roof.  Planned tree removals are far less costly, particularly since most home owner insurance policies have fairly high deductibles.

Safe and Satisfying Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree’s deteriorated condition may be obvious from the lean or physical damage to the trunk.  Other times the damage is underground and the roots that give the tree trunk strength have become compromised.  Preparations for a safe and satisfying tree removal experience begin with an expert evaluation of the tree’s condition and the surrounding area.

With Tree Removals, Experience Counts

Tree service professionals are not interchangeable when it comes to a removal. It takes quite a bit of experience and supervision for a tree climber to consistently produce good results.  Our professionals are experienced and reliable.  When evaluating competing tree removal bids, one big component of the cost is labor and the more highly skilled tree climbers command the most money.  Labor is not something that Canopy Tree Service cuts corners on.  After all, when bringing a tree down, a curious young child or dog that can’t read orange cones could  wonder in the drop zone.  We keep only the best professionals for your benefit. We also place a premium on professionals who consistently follow communication and safety procedures between the tree and drop zone.

Large Trees Removals are Safely Accomplished

Permit for Tree Removal

In many communities a permit is required for tree removal.  Most local ordinances are written to provide emphasis on the preservation of healthy trees and have procedures in place to waive permit requirements during emergencies such as storms, floods or other acts of God.  In the City of Leon Valley, TX for example, the zoning administrator may waive the permit in cases with a tree represents a danger to public health, welfare and safety.  The tree removal plans on any proposed development is fairly regulated in most cities, including San Antonio.

Ready to Get Started?

Below you will find additional information (clickable links) on tree removals during emergencies, tree removal techniques, and tree bracing for those trees that we can save from destruction.  There is also a link to a free estimate.  We hope to see you soon.

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